About Us

Even before lockdown, milipili Founder Gianina could be found curled up under blankets with a mug of peppermint tea, bingeing Netflix shows. Already accustomed to changing from one set of pyjamas to the next during the UK lockdown, Gianina decided to hop on the tie dye bandwagon and add a splash of colour to her loungewear. Now she’s got a whole collection up for sale!

Each of the charitable causes selected for this project are close to her heart and to important people in her life. She has also committed to producing fashion ethically, sustainably and responsibly - sourcing locally where possible and selecting the highest quality eco-friendly materials.

Whether you’re working from home, chilling in your garden or lounging about the house, we hope that your new milipili loungewear sparks joy during these unprecedented times.

xoxo milipili.