• Why does ethical fashion matter?

Here at milipili, we endeavour to make a positive impact on the environment through ethical business. Many people are starting to appreciate that being eco-conscious is the future of fashion, and our prices reflect the high-quality ethically produced materials that we have carefully selected. We have also factored in the time and effort that goes into producing totally unique and individually hand dyed loungewear just for you. Say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to our ethical enterprise! 

  • Does milipili offer international shipping?

Yes! Check out our Delivery and Returns page for more information.

  • When will my order arrive?

Check out our Delivery and Returns page for details.

  • What size will fit me?

Check out our size chart here.

  • Who made my milipili loungewear?

milipili is powered by Founder Gianina - a tie dye enthusiast striving to make a positive impact. Want to learn about our ethical suppliers? Discover the origins of milipili clothing and packaging here.

  • How can I get in touch with the milipili team?

Check out our contact page for details.

  • Are there special washing instructions for tie dye clothing?

We cannot speak for other tie dye brands, but we have specific advice about how to wash and take care of your milipili loungewear. You can find care instructions on the label of every product and on this page of our website.

  • How does milipili make a positive social impact?

By purchasing milipili tie dye loungewear, not only are you choosing to help the environment, but you are also making a small donation to one or more worthy causes that need our attention. Charities are working harder than ever to raise funds during this difficult period. 10% of all our profits go to 4 charities that do wonderful work in both the local and wider community. Click here for more information about our charity collaborations.